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The Manor was originally operated by the City of Sarnia, on property donated by Dr. Marshall Gowland. In 2004, a new Home replacing the one on London Road was built on Devine Street. The new modern, natural light filled Manor provides more privacy and lovely accommodation for the people who reside there.

Staff at the Manor are committed to compassionate care and an excellent quality of life for people who live there and this is reflected in every service provided. We believe that every person deserves a life with dignity and respect.

The Manor has two large outdoor areas with beautiful gardens and water features that include comfortable sitting areas and meandering paths. There is also a large front porch and east access to Sarnia Transit for residents, their families and visitors.

There are many opportunities at the Manor for visits with family and friends. A pub that is open daily, quiet lounges and a family dining room are all well appointed and designed to enhance time together. Family and friends are encouraged to visit often and to take part in the many organized recreation and leisure activities.