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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Lambton County Homes provide high quality long-term care by creating a warm home where people direct their care, families are welcomed and respected, and services are provided by compassionate professionals and volunteers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to honour and nurture the dignity of each person.

Our Core Values: People Caring for People

Compassionate Care

We believe that compassion is essential to good service delivery. Compassion is created through fostering an environment of trust, respect and sensitivity where all relationships are valued and nurtured. Compassion is sustained through the respect and encouragement of family, staff, volunteer and community involvement.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is recognized by the people who live in our Homes, their families and the greater community. Individualized services are tailored to the unique needs and wishes of each person. Through partnerships and collaborations, we foster an environment that is responsive to the needs and wishes of the people who live here and their families. Innovation, networking, openness to change and dialogue are essential to creating a culture of service excellence.

Dignity and Choice

People have the right to lead and direct their services and to make informed choices. Their rights are honoured and respected. Each person is treated with dignity and kindness.


We will foster a safe and secure environment that is warm, friendly, and welcoming. Staff will be encouraged to grow and develop to ensure services are creative and innovative as reflected through a process of Continuous Quality Improvement. We will ensure responsible stewardship of public funds in the provision of care and services.

Jane Joris

“We believe in compassionate care, service excellence, dignity and choice and accountability. We want the best care possible while being good stewards of public money. As people caring for people, our services are provided by the community in the community for the community.”

Jane Joris
General Manager