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Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer

Volunteering is a great opportunity for you to make a positive impact in your community. You can be part of a team, share your experiences, learn new skills and develop lasting friendships.

Here are some quotes from our dedicated volunteers:

“We love volunteering at MGM as the elders’ faces light up when they see us and they tell us how much we are appreciated.”
– Bruce and Marg

“Years ago I was in an elevator with a woman who was on the long-term care home’s palliative team. She told me that she had just spent a few hours by a person’s bedside because “no one should be alone when dying.” I was so moved, and I knew in that instant that I would become a volunteer.”
– Marilyn

“Volunteering for me is paying it forward, and along the way you get to talk to some wonderful people and learn about their different lives, taking away some of their loneliness and put a smile on their face.”
– Mary

“My husband and I have been volunteers for 16 years in various positions and have enjoyed it very much. It feels good to be able to give back. The elders are always grateful and happy to see us. We have learned many things from the elders.”
– Bob and Ursula

Volunteering takes so little time, but gives so much.

Jane Joris

“We believe in compassionate care, service excellence, dignity and choice and accountability. We want the best care possible while being good stewards of public money. As people caring for people, our services are provided by the community in the community for the community.”

Jane Joris
General Manager